H&M Hennes & Mauritz AB


retail clothing


Palermo, Italia

Year of realization:


Total Area:

1.800 square meters spread over 8 floors

Type of intervention:

open shop renovation

Intervention completed in:

72 days

H&M needs:

  • improve the environment for customers and employees;
  • complete the procedure in 15 weeks;
  • renovate to open shop.

Restructuring intervention with demolition, rebuilding of the systems, redefinition of the interior spaces, finishes.

We had 15 weeks to complete the surgery. 

We have kept the sales point open for the entire period and guaranteed the safety of employees and the usability of evacuation routes previously agreed with the Fire Department.

The restructuring had no repercussions on the sales volume.


  • Subdivision of the intervention into 6 phases and definition of compartmentalized micro- operators ; 
  • detailed definition of the work program, 4-hour slot planning ( Last Planner System );
  • use of pre-assembled elements outside the building site;
  • adequate sizing of the work team.


  • Project management according to Lean principles;
  • continuous exchange of information between the various people involved in the project;
  • constant verification of compliance with the time schedule and consequent corrective updating;
  • critical activities carried out during the night.


  • Intervention completed in 12 weeks;
  • no decrease in store sales;
  • commercial and functional optimization of the building;
  • increase in the useful life of the point of sale.

Old air conditioning systems and air treatment ducts at the top of the building constituted the system that was completely replaced to optimize climate comfort inside the building.


Removal of the facade window, with provisional partitioning of the same.


Even the construction site fence, although in full compliance with the regulations, has been integrated into the urban aesthetics, creating less visual impact.


The roof on the terrace was closed vertically during construction, to set up a small warehouse for use by H&M.


In the demolition phase, to create the new opening, unexpectedly we came across the vertical line of the sprinklers: the customer requested the displacement of the sprinkler line for the entire height of 8 floors.   


Accessibility to the main staircases and elevator was guaranteed for the entire period of the intervention. Access to micro - sites by assigned workers was guaranteed by the use of a secondary staircase.


Some interventions were carried out at night to avoid creating inconvenience to customers and public roads.   


Crane car for the removal of air conditioning systems during night time.


In the building there was an old freight elevator that we dismantled to replace it with an elevator with landing opening in the opposite direction.


Plan in an advanced stage of completion; they are completed: false ceilings, paintings, floors.
The systems are being completed and the wall furniture is starting to be installed.


When it needs we also works in the plans prepared with care in producing dust.


The end of each micro-phase ended with the set-up by H&M: this activity had to be scheduled in time and therefore constituted "under deadlines" to be respected.


Overview of the ground floor completely renovated and equipped.


The restructuring is completed before the established time. Ribbon cutting and opening ceremony.  


View of the facade with multi-store windows, from Via Magliocco.


"Kids" sales area.


"Underwear" sales area.


"Accessories" sales area.


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