From the construction site to the shop, on schedule

With our specialized team and a personalized approach to customer requests, we set up customized sales points for leading global brands in the Retail sector. Thanks to a precise planning of every design phase, we guarantee realistic budget and delivery times.

Our items in setting up or creating a store or a " concept store " are:

  • the accurate organization of each operational phase, 
  • the involvement of professionals and skilled workers,
  • the timely management of the site , ensuring maximum safety to the people involved,
  • the ability to customize furnishings and finishes,
  • delivery and final inspection in a short and agreed time.

Large international brands including H&M, Emporio Armani, Tiffany & Co, find in us a reliable partner, able to significantly reduce the time of the intervention, almost always allowing the point of sale to remain open to the public, with limited discomfort for the staff involved and for customers.