How We Work

"Pursuing excellence with passion and enthusiasm" is our slogan.

We approach the projects assigned to us all over Europe with an experienced, transparent, flexible and motivated professional team.


Our method is aimed at the organizational aspects, starting from the project planning, up to the constant control of all the implementation phases.

The constant sharing of the project brief with the customer is the base of the process.The final result we have guaranteed to the customer determines each phase of the project management.

Professional roles involved

Various professional roles are involved in one of our typical projects.

The Project Manager is the main point of contact between the client and Sinergo; he is constantly supported by:

  • an expert assistant with technical and practiced experience;
  • the site manager, who monitors the progress of the site on a daily basis, using the help of a logistics manager;
  • the purchasing manager, who takes care of the deadlines of the contracts, the planning and management of works with the selected suppliers;
  • the technical office, which deals with the updates and the preparation of construction drawings;
  • financial management and cost control;
  • a security consultant.

Within Sinergo the various Project Managers are supervised by an experienced Project Director.