Why Sinergo

Full transparency

We operate in complete transparency, starting from the tender phase up to the assignment of the project and its management.

With the "Open Book" Procedure, the customer can:

• choose the project team and preliminarily evaluate the main costs and accessories;

  • participate in the selection of subcontractors among those pre-selected by Sinergo.

Integrated project management

We manage projects following the “Design & Build” and “Lump Sum” approaches.

Design & Build is an approach to the design and definition of the project, with the responsibility of a single entity that manages all the phases, supported by its collaborators.

Lump Sum is an approach that establishes that each project has a fixed price that is agreed with the client for the execution of the entire project works. It varies only in case of very specific circumstances or new requests.


The safety of all the people involved in the project (our staff, collaborators, subcontractors, customers and anyone that could come into contact with the site) is taken into maximum consideration.

Time and Cost Control

All the activities we carry out during the execution of the projects, have the following goals:

comply with the customer agreed budget;

minimize the impact on the customer's activities and its financial incomings;

check the times/costs goals initially defined with continuous monitoring during the project phases.

Communication and reporting

We periodically communicate to the customer, through customized report, the progress of each single phase of the project evolution.

This methodology allows the constant information sharing and the prompt application of any corrective actions.

Supplier database

For the execution of the projects assigned to us, we rely on selected suppliers chosen throughout Europe.

The services offered by these suppliers are constantly monitored and evaluated; the suppliers ratings are used to update a dedicate database to offer the most appropriate work team for subsequent projects.